The Not Club is not a club that currently consists of Brandon, Tahab, and Cristian. It is well-known that The Not Club once had a very successful fourth member, Nate, but has failed to have a successful addition since Nate moved to Washington in sixth grade.


The Not Club formed from the organization that was "The Roly Polys", which Tahab and Brandon were a part of. It is unclear at what point The Not Club officially became the Not Club. 

In the beginning, The Not Club consisted of four members. Upon the loss of Nate, the club adopted Chance, a replacement. Chance saw mild success as a fourth member, having DBZ knowledge, a slight appreciation of Linkin Park (not enough appreciation by today's standards), and consistently attending sleepovers. 

With the coming of the Seventh Grade era, the club found itself once again with 3 members. During this time period, the club seemingly was nearing its end, as Tahab became one of them and Brandon became one of them

List of The Not Club Members in Order of AdditionEdit

  • Brandon/Taha/Ryan
  • Nate
  • Cristian
  • Chance
  • Easy

The Not Club DiscographyEdit

  • The Pain of the Door
  • Get out of My Way
  • The Pickles
  • Aluminum
  • Chi Wombom