Allen is the fattest and oldest man ever. He entered the lore during the Seventh Grade era, and is perhaps Brendan's most well-known appendage. He is often found in the lore h12ing Brendan, wondering who Trung Tran is, solving the Horseman cube, and more. He was also a founding father of who, ok, no, pls, and other such terms.

Summary Edit

Allen found himself entering the lore during the Seventh Grade era, as he amazed Brendan with his knowledge of Sony Vegas. 

Immediately after his introduction, Allen's appreciation of Linkin Park and his admiration of the Captain Bob series ensured a permanent spot in the lore. 

Allen would see a less prominent role in the lore after the Ninth Grade era, but would return to prominence in the beginning of the College era. 

Allen is credited with many phrases in the ok vocabulary such as "whom", "no", and "fat". 


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